About Sizzle Liquor Store

Sizzle Liquor Store is a popular retail outlet in Kenya that specializes in the sale of high-quality alcoholic beverages. Their shop offers a wide selection of tobacco, wines, spirits, and beers to their customers who are based in major towns and cities of Kenya such as Nairobi, Nanyuki and Nakuru. Sizzle Liquor Store has a reputation for providing excellent customer service and expertise in the beverage industry.

Website Redesign Services For Sizzle Liquors

Sizzle Liquor Store approached us to redesign their website to better reflect their brand and provide an improved user experience for their customers. We began by conducting extensive research into Sizzle Liquor Store’s brand identity and target audience. From there, we developed a website design that was visually appealing, easy to navigate, and reflected the brand’s unique personality. We incorporated high-quality images of the products, created an intuitive product categorization system, and optimized the website for mobile devices to ensure a seamless user experience.

Project Results and Benefits

The new website design helped Sizzle Liquor Store to improve its online presence and attract more customers. However, users had to go a long way before completing a task such as adding products to the cart and checking out was a problem. After adding products to the cart, it is obvious the customers want to do a secure payment process. We integrated the payment methods to their website such as Checks, Payment on delivery and Lipa na Mpesa integration. The website now better reflects the brand’s identity and showcases its products in an attractive and user-friendly way. The new design has also helped to establish Sizzle Liquor Store as a leader in the beverage industry in Kenya, and they continue to attract new customers across the country.

Sizzle Liquor store operates in major towns in Kenya. To be efficient in service delivery and to reach a huge customer base. They tasked us with website development services, specifically redesigning their website and integrating payment methods.
  • Client Samson Kihuria
  • Category Ecommerce Website, WordPress
  • Date Feb 2023
  • Website https://sizzleliquors.co.ke/
  • Location Nanyuki